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AKA -Active Knowledge Academy- is a long term Art Project initiated and under the direction of artist Hector Canonge. The "school as art" program runs until June 25, 2011 culminating in an art exhibition on June 29th at the Bronx River Art Center (BRAC) temporary gallery space located on 305 E 140 St. #1A, Bronx, NY.

    AKA Active Knowledge Academy      
    Functioning as a school for higher learning and emulating the systems established by academia, AKA is a platform for experimentation, dialogue, and collective learning. The four weeks during which the gallery space becomes a laboratory for six selected teaching artists (Faculty), participants (Students), and the administrator (Canonge in the role of Dean) will culminate in an exhibition featuring documentation of the learning process, ephemera from the courses, comparative studies executed by Canonge, and the works produced by the faculty and students of AKA.

Hector Canonge proposes to explore issues related to the process of art learning, practice and production in an environment that simulates schooling, and where pedagogical discourse goes hand in had with experimentation and discovery. Thinking about the creative process and how artists use a particular skill, talent or gift, Canonge will investigate what happens when artists are taken out of their comfort zone and start experimenting with new forms, processes, and production. AKA –Active Knowledge Academy- will hire its own Faculty through a “Teaching Opportunity” Open Call, select Students through and “Application” process, hold daily classes (Wednesday – Friday, 6:30 – 8:45 PM), and conduct weekly evaluations lead by the Dean. AKA is structured in 3 clusters: PADR (Painting & Drawing), SEME (Sculpture & Mixed Media), and MUDA (Music & Dance). Classes take place once a week for a period of three weeks and culminate with the AKA Exhibition.