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Public Performance Art Intervention Series
April 16, May 21, and June 4, 2011


Trace-Able: VIOLENT
The first performance in the series took place on Saturday, April 16, 4 - 7 PM coinciding with Immigrant Heritage Week in New York City. "VIOLENT" references the violence against immigrants and other minority groups in in the streets of New York, and other major urban centers in the United States. Dressed in white tunics that symbolize anonymity and invisibility, the artists performed, engaged with the audience, and left red foot prints on the canvas around the perimeter of the park.

Hector Canonge TraceAble-Violent 01 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Violent 02 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Violent 03 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Violent 04
Hector Canonge TraceAble-Violent 05 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Violent 06 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Violent 07 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Violent 08

Trace-Able: HABITAT
The second presentation of the series referenced the ever changing living conditions of many residents in local neighborhoods.  "HABITAT" relates to housing, gentrification, homelessness, shifting demographics, and the environment. Coinciding with May as the month for the observance of living and well being, the artists built temporary card board shelters, inhabited them, engaged with the public by letting them destroy their temporary shelters, and walked on the white canvas carrying the remains of their 'homes' and leaving brown foot prints around the park.

Hector Canonge TraceAble-Habitat img 01 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Habitat img 02 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Habitat img 03 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Habitat img 04
Hector Canonge TraceAble-Violent 01 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Habitat img 06 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Habitat img 07 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Habitat img 08


In celebration of Pride Month, the annual Gay and Lesbian event in Jackson Heights, Queens, "HOMOGENIUS" is the third public performance of the series. The project observes the accomplishments of many Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender people whose contributions to society have helped move forward the LGBT movement. The artists wrapped themselves in thin rainbow colored ribbons, symbol of the LGBT movement around the World, become a unified entity apart from race, gender, age or political alignments. The cocoon shape of their interaction became an interactive platform as the public were invited to cut pieces of the ribbon, thus allegorically releasing or outing an LGBT presence in this community.
Hector Canonge TraceAble-Homogenius img 01 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Homogenius img 02 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Homogenius img 03 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Homogenius img 04
Hector Canonge TraceAble-Homogenius img 05 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Homogenius img 06 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Homogenius img 07 Hector Canonge TraceAble-Homogenius img 08

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