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EVA -Escuela Videografica Alternativa Alternative School for Videomaking (2011) more...
Project initiated to conduct workshops in video production and visual narratives to capture stories created by Gay, Lesbian and Transgender immigrants living in various communities in NYC.

Galeria (2011) more...
Alternative art space created at Hombres Lounge Lower Level to showcase works by LGBT artists or artists who explore themes and issues in relation to Queer lives and experiences.

ITINERANT (2011) more...
Mini Performance Art Festival featuring new works by local, national and international performance artists. Participating artists use performative narratives and actions that evoke immediacy and intimacy to bridge the gap of communication and distance.

Space 37 (2010) more...
Store front pop-up gallery created in Queens, NYC. The project featured the exhibition BABEL during the annual program June in Jackson Heights.

A-Lab Forum (2009) more...
Organized and created the artist’s collective A-Lab, and its monthly forums with invited artists at various art spaces in New York City.

@rt-e (2008) more...
Media Arts Collaborative group for artists working and/or interested in working in Video and Integrated Media Technologies (performance, multimedia, new media, net art, web, physical computing, gaming). Bi-weekly meetings take place at the WCO in Manhattan.

QUEERHOOD (2007/2008) more...
Producer and Organizer
Independent seasonal program hosted at the Bronx Museum of the Arts to showcase the work of local LGBT filmmakers and artists born and/or raised in that borough. The first screening took place on Saturday, June 30, 2007 at the new building of the museum. In 2008 the program expanded to include poets, musicians, dancers, and performers from the larger NYC area.

QMAD, Queens Media Arts Development (2005) more...
Co-founder and Senior Officer
QMAD is a non profit cultural organization that produces and implements programs in the arts and communications media to encourage Queen's multicultural communities to actively participate in the forging of an artistic identity for the Borough. Based on one of the city's most diverse areas, QMAD acknowledges the artistic potential of the various communities of Queens and facilitates access to educational activities, cultural events and resources so residents participating in the various programs can gain agency in their creative and artistic goals.

[ars_dynamo] (2005)
Annual New Media Event focuses on the presentation of works and roundtable discussions concerned with Web Art, Open Source Technologies and Interactive Participatory Narratives. The project was launched in January of 2005 with invited guest artists Jonah Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki. The initiative was created in collaboration with architect and designer, Gonzalo Casals.

CINEMAROSA (2004) more...
Founder and Director
Queens First and Only Queer Film Series, CINEMAROSA's mission is to create a cultural hub in Queens , screening a diverse range of Queer Independent Films, presenting media events, and spreading news of interest and in relation to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trangender communities of Queens, and NYC. CINEMAROSA fosters the integration of diverse LGBT communities through the creation of cultural film media programs where Queer Artists can present their works and speak about their experiences with the audience. Though the program encourages Queer Media Creators to become active in the artistic movement of the NYC area, it does not exclude any other person working on issues and themes that relate to the LGBT experiences in a positive light.

LaCinemaFe, Latin American Cinema Festival of New York (2001)
Member Founder and Programming Associate 2001/2004
LaCinemaFe was formed by a group of Latinos and academy professional working in the film, and entertainment industry. Incorporated as a non-profit 501 (c )3 organization in 2001, LaCinemaFe is building a record of accomplishments in these fields, and together with Latino professionals concluded that a festival which celebrated Hispanic cultural differences and commonalties in film, television, entertainment, communications and marketing, was necessary in NYC. The initial team launched the first annual festival in January of 2001, gaining world-wide press for its accomplishments.