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I'm an interdisciplinary artist whose work incorporates the use of various media, commercial technologies, physical environments, cinematic, and performative narratives. My work integrates various means of communication and artistic production using physical environments, New-media technologies, and interactive narratives that prompt public engagement, dialogue, and reflection. Based on notions of geography, identity, gender roles, image appropriation, and the politics of migration, I explore issues that affect diverse urban communities. In analog form, I create installations where audiences manipulate and review object(s) at will.  In digital format, my projects bridge the gap between technology and public participation. From print to video, from Web based environments to multimedia installations, and from textual narratives to Performance Art presentations, I work with issues related to constructions of Self, social (re)presentation, and (re)construction of private and public spheres incorporating historical, literary, and cinematic references.

Aesthetically, I like to present my pieces with clarity and precision. Contextually, my work embeds political directions that reflect my worldview and background.  In my new-media projects whether using commercial barcode label technology as a way to decode feminine archetypes (IDOLatries, 2007), gender politics (Schema CorpoReal, 2009) or mapping narratives through touch-screen technologies (URBIS18, 2008), audience interaction is an important element to access content.  In my site-specific work (Deceptive Landscapes, 2009 and Fantasy World, 2012), multimedia video installations (Here She Comes… and Toy Soldiers, 2010), I experiment with materials and intervene the physical realm with elements that best serve my artistic intentions. My live art work (Golden Cage, 2010; BESAME MUCHO, 2012; SUR, 2013) is conceptually oriented. I mediate movement, endurance, and ritualistic processes where some of the actions, and carefully delineated performances sometimes involve the interaction with the public.

In my artistic development, I’ve learned to better understand my interests and preoccupations about the world I live in by creating a body of work that is accessible and interdisciplinary. I focus on the social, cultural, and economic development of cities and urban communities by using various analog and digital methods where technology is the means and not the end of what I conceptualize, develop, and present.