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My film and video work is an exploration of identity and it focuses on topics of marginality and exclusion. Whether I am using fiction or documentary to tell stories, the human element is what is more important for me. Through out the years, I've had the opportunity to realize my work the way I conceive and imagine it. I'm inspired to work with issues that are not fully accepted or acknowledged by the mainstream. In this fashion, I record the stories of peoples and communities dealing with issues of immigration, legality, identity, and representations.

Senior Pride (2008)
An on the spot accounts of Gay and Lesbian seniors as they participate in various parades during the celebrations of June Pride Month in New York City. The insightful accounts of elders give viewers a historical reference to understand better the struggles and accomplishments of men and women in the LGBT community.
Senior Pride
Carritos (2007)
A short documentary narrative captures the stories of various street vendors in Jackson Heights, Elmhurst and Corona in Queens , NYC. Using candid interviews with vendors from different nationalities, audiences get to learn about the struggles and accomplishements of the people behind the food carts.
NYC Fith Annual Immigrant Heritage Week.

ECOscapes (2006)
Experimental 2 Channel Video that treats the relationship of remembrance and the environment. Inspired by Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” the video project offers a sonic and visual experience where an omniscient, but absent traveler leads audiences to the discovery of moods, sensations and psychological states in varied settings and under four different topographical and climatic conditions.

Eco Scapes  

Lavender Ink (2006)
A collection of Narratives created by members of SAGE\Queens who took part in the month long program "Writing & Visualization" led by Media Artist, HECTOR CANONGE. Lavender Ink develops into a series of themes and literary styles that explore and tell about the experiences of LGBT elders, the memories of the borough, and growing up "queer" in America.
Queerin' Queens 2006, QMA, NYC.

lavender ink movie  

Q'Dollogy (2005)
Follows the performance multimedia work creating an experimental video narrative in three parts about identity, deception and the comings and goings of a self-made “diva” to the beats of popular latino beats. In collaboration with Saul Reyes.
Queerin' Queens 2005, Queens Museum of Art, NYC.


Mi voz y el deseo , My voice and desire . (2002)
Documentary that follows the lives of a group of Mexican boys who have to work as women prostituting themselves to make ends meet in the streets of Jackson Heights, Queens.

Mi voice and desire  

Fear (1999)
Short experimental fiction shot in 16mm black and white film, explores different states of a man's life and his psychological well being when he is confronted with a terminal decisión.
GL Philadelphia International Film Festival / GL Film Festival, Turin-Italy / Second Annual City College Film and Video Festival / The New Filmmaker's Series at Anthology Film Archives / The Third Tortured Artists Film Festival, Oregon.


Go Boys! (1998)
Award winning documentary that captures on the spot account with go-go male dancers working in various clubs and bars in NYC prior to the Giuliani and Bloomberg administration.
Kino im Schwulz, Cologne-Germany / GL Philadelphia International Film Festival / San Antonio Cine Festival / Tucson Film Festival: Homovision / GL Film Festival, Turin-Italy / MIX Festival, Mexico City / New Filmmakers Series at Anthology Film Archives / MIX NYC Film Festival / Brooklyn Film Festival / Cine Accion- Festival Cine Latino, San Francisco / Homovisiones / Independent Television Program / The American Living Room Film & Video Series @ HERE.

Go Boys  

Aguas Limitadas , Limited Waters (1998)
(Editor) Documentary on Dominican Artists who struggle to maintain their craft while facing the challenge of favoritism and capitalization of their craft.
IRADAC, Dominican Institute of City College / Museum of Modern Art, Dominican Republic / Hispanic Cultural Center, Dominican Republic / First Annual CUNY Student Film Video Festival.

Aguas Limitadas  

Romantic Saxophone (1997)
Documentary on the life and artistry of one of NYC's first Ecuadorian street performer.
Broadcasted: Channel 75, CUNY TV. Doc Shop @ City, 1998 Series.

Romantic Saxophone  

Lips Ink (1996)
Short Documentary about the unmasking of a Drag Performer. First account and shot on location in one of NYC's longest running Drag Restaurant, Lips.
Broadcasted: Channel 75, CUNY TV. Doc Shop @ City, 1997 Series / Fourth International Graduate Students' Conference, Literature and Cultural Studies: " Disclosure of Identity: Unmasking the (trans)performer".

Lips Ink