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Underground Decalogues (2006)
Studies the displacement and frequency of activity of NYC's underground performers. Participants have active roles in the creation of their locative urban mapping narratives allowing audiences to observe their displacement through the network of rail roads, and to get a first hand account of their stories.
Underground Decalogues

From the series Integrated Urban Mappings (IUM), QUADROLOGYA explores the dynamic effects that street intersections have on the perception of the city. Through interactive “Virtual Dioramas,” and short video clips the project presents a unique visual narrative of the urban environment using literary references as the urban terrain is discovered, recorded, and mapped.
Points of Departure Exhibit: 2007 Penn Humanities Forum on Travel, Fox Art Gallery, UPenn, PA.
quadrologya pict

sonicBytes, (2005)
Locative media collaborative project serves to map urban environments based on participants' contribution of sounds and images accompanied by psychogeographic narratives and interactive design elements.



Integrated Urban Mappings (2004)
Selected body of work related to the investigation and analysis of urban geographies and their impact on human perception and psychology at different sites in the NYC Metropolitan area.
Points of Departure Exhibit: 2007 Penn Humanities Forum on Travel, Fox Art Gallery, UPenn.

Integrated Urban Mappings

Aural City Mapping Technology (2003)
Emulation environment exploring an altered reality through the codification and digitalization of symbolic physical landscapes based on Aural representation and their significance in the understanding of the development of civilization through a historical referential narrative.
mediaBallistics v.1, Hunter College, NYC.

Aural City Mapping Technology


Senses (1999)
Emulation environment for an experimental Web Site focusing on perception through the individual five senses.
Ciberarte - II Bienal do Mercosul, Brazil.

Multimedia CD-Rom    
HcVtr (2003)
A personal account of identity and construction of persona through interactive icons that open levels of narrative in first, second and third points of view.
Documentary Intentions, SUNY Buffalo, NY.


CuBot (2001)
CD-ROM project focuses on the creation of a robot-like avatar that reacts to users inputs of words to manifest a future AI.


Mexicanismos (2000)
Interactive Multimedia Project for CD-ROM deconstructs notions and archetypes of what constitutes the “Macho Man.” Project incorporates a gaming card solitaire project that questions notions of masculinity.
Identidades - Electronic Multimedia Exhibition, Mexico.