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Public art project where the neighborhood laundromat, Magic Touch, is used as a school for teaching English to Hispanic immigrants. In addition, the project also serves as a platform for collecting stories about the experience of learning a new language, and will introduce participants fundamental skills to function in American society.
    Hector Canonge SEKE Btn SËKE, 2011
Public art intervention at Governors Island Fort Jay's gun powder rooms evoke the history of the island, and the sinister implications of conquest, colonization, and revolution of new territories in the Western Hemisphere, particularly in the United States.
    Hector Canonge AltarAtions ALTAR.ATIONS, 2010
Series of public art interventions inspired by the practice of building street altars to indicate someone’s untimely death in the streets of Upper Manhattan, NYC.

    Hector Canonge PT Conversations Btn P/T CONVERSATIONS, 2010
Public intervention to take place in a restaurant, club, or bar frequented by immigrant day laborers. Strangers are invited to dictate a short letter to the artist who will type and re-enact it as he reads it back to the sender. The first one took place at Tulcingo Restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens-NY.
    Hector Canonge Wrap It Up Button WRAP IT UP! / Póntelo!, 2009
In observation of World AIDS Day, this public art installation consisted of wrapping the trees around the triangle park Manuel de Dios Unanue in Jackson Heights, Queens. A dozen trees were carefully covered with biodegradable organic red fabric to symbolize HIV prevention through the use of condoms.
    Hector Canonge Tabula Lunar Btn TABULA LUNAR, 2009
Public Intervention Projection that explores the universal fascination of people with the moon while evoking mythical, romantic, fantastic, and obscure attributes of the celestial body. The project prompts a possible dialogue of our connection to the night sky and what can be seen of it in an urban setting.
    Hector Canonge Latitud S Btn LATITUDE.S, 2009
A public art work presented for Water Pod with an interactive walk, and outdoor projections where narratives based on the writings of Latin American authors exploring Utopias are mixed with real time people's presence while visiting the Pod.
    Hector Canonge 100 Degrees Btn 100 DEGREES, 2009
A project that treats present concerns about the global environment by challenging local residents to really think and express their opinions on pollution, waste of natural resources, technological development and human adaptability. Made in collaboration with guest artist Chin Chih Yang.
    Hector Canonge Shield Btn SHIELD / CORAZA, 2008
Public Art Installation project that references the use of prophylactics as a way to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in local communities of Queens, NYC. In observance of World AIDS Day, the monumental shield was made out of vinyl umbrellas, LED solar power lights, and placed in one of the most transited areas in Queens, NYC.
    Hector Canonge Dixie Tone Btn DIXIE-TONE, 2008
Public art intervention on US1 (Dixie Freeway) explored the relationship and connections of advertising signs, people, community, and the changing urban landscapes. Made in collaboration with British artist Helen Pritchard while in residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida, USA.
    Hector Canonge Dystopic Walss Western Union Btn DYSTOPIC WALLS, 2008
Site specific installation that represents the actual physical division at the USA-Mexican border. The installation relates to the transnational exodus of people across countries and continents while evoking the relationship between the industrial North and the underdeveloped South.