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    Hector Canonge AKA Active Knowledge Academy AKA -Active Knowledge Academy, 2011
Functioning as a school for higher learning and emulating the systems established by academia, AKA is a platform for experimentation, dialogue, and collective learning. AKA transforms the gallery space into a laboratory for six selected teaching artists (Faculty), participants (Students), and the administrator (Canonge in the role of Dean).
    Hector Canonge MizAMERICA Exhibition Btn MiZAMERICA, 2010
Inspired by his weekly visits to the local Miss America Dinner, in Jersey City, his experiences of living in the United States, and his observations about the idiosyncrasies of war, Canonge, explores the myths of beauty, identity and patriotism in relation to popular American culture.
    Hector Canonge Intersections Btn INTERSECTIONS, 2009
Taking as departure the presence of street vending trucks in Northern Manhattan (Washington Heights and Inwood), the project investigates the transformation of the urban landscape, the appropriation of the urban realm, and the reinforcement of traditional food consumption habits in Hispanic communities.
    Hector Canonge Intersections Btn Schema CorpoReal, 2009
Explores the politics and cultural attitudes about gender and identity. Elements in the exhibition treat the cultural references of the “body image” as well as the manner in which language plays a determining role in the creation of Persona and Self.
    Hector Canonge 18BEATS Btn 18 BEATS, 2008
Explores various ethnic communities along the #7 Train in Queens, New York. The project investigates how people experience cultures, traditions, ethnic heritage, and history through sound: language, music, fiedl audio, and interviews. Featuring the new interactive pieces URBIS18 and IRTag, plus the site-specific installation Tracking.