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    Hector Canonge GRANADA Button GRANADA, 2011
Using the Spanish word, for pomegranate, granada references the fruit’s origins in Iran and its significance and symbolism in Judeo-Muslim-Christian religions. The performance evokes and revolves around themes of American intervention in the Middle East, human mutilation in land mines, and religious conflicts in modern times.
    Hector Canonge Your Blue Eyes YOUR BLUE EYES MELT MY BRONZE SOUL, 2011
Tus ojos claros derriten mi espíritu de bronce is an interactive performance that pays homage to the maritime explorations of Christopher Columbus while reflecting on more than four hundred years of conquest, colonization and assimilation of indigenous peoples in the Western Hemisphere.

    Hector Canonge Hombre De Pelo En Pecho Btn HOMBRE DE PELO EN PECHO, 2011
Loosely translated as Hairy Chested Man, this performance treats the grooming obsessions of Hispanic man, the pressures that society puts on Latinos, and the stereotypes that Hispanic culture has about being a “real male.” The interactive work invites participants to actively engage with the artists body with the assistance of a hair clipper.

    Hector Canonge Trace-Able Btn TRACE-ABLE, 2011
A long term project consisting of monthly public performances and art interventions to raise awareness about violence, homelessness, and homophobia in the streets of New York City. The project consisted of covering the side walks of Manuel de Dios Unanue Triangle Park with a large canvas where choreographed actions took place.
    Hector Canonge Ocular Trance Btn OCULAR TRANCE OCULAR, 2011
A multimedia performance based on ideas about dreams, spirituality, and liberation. Inspired by a collaboration with photographer Maria Fernanda Hubeaut, Canonge invites audiences to accompany him through a sequence of dream abstractions embodied by his movements and narratives.
    Hector Canonge CAVEA Btn CAVEA, 2011
Explores themes of physical displacement and psychological entrapment as expressed in narratives some of which are inspired by the participation of the public. Canonge explores themes of displacement and psychological entrapment by writing and reciting his own narratives for the duration of the exhibition.
Responded to the exhibition ABSENCE for Queens Annual Obervance of World AIDS Day Through The Arts, FRAMING AIDS, by challenging the public's general knowledge about the AIDS pandemic, and by proposing a better understanding of the conditions that afflict people living with HIV and AIDS.
    Hector Canonge Kentauros Longing Btn THE KENTAURO'S LONGING, 2010
Premiered at IATI's Winter Gala, this performance deals with the interpretation of dreams and the connections that may exist between poetic form, ritualistic movements, and mythic entities.
    Hector Canonge Golden Cage Btn GOLDEN CAGE, 2010
Inspired by the poems of 18th Century Armenian poet Sayat Nova, and by recent waves of immigrants to the U.S., the project evokes the lives and experiences of undocumented immigrants who even though they may have material possessions, they lack the freedom to move across borders without the fear of prosecution.
    Hector Canonge Malatia Btn MALATIA, 2009
Multimedia performance that evokes loss and remembrance through choreographed dance movements, video projections and sound narratives. Malattia is the artist’s second performance project where he explores the use of his body as an instrument of artistic and experimental expression.
    Hector Canonge Schema CorpoReal SCHEMA CORPOREAL, 2009
Explores the politics and cultural attitudes about gender and identity. The performance treats cultural references of the body image, body politics as well as the manner in which language plays a determining role in the creation of Persona and Self.